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Fuzzy thoughts

Ok, Here goes! My first ever blog!

I love needle felting, I love watching a clump of raw wool take shape almost magically into something I recognise and fall in love with. My needles become almost and extension of my hands and my imagination (stabbed fingers aside.... those needles are SHARP!) I have been felting for a while now and have always had so much praise from friends and family that have seen my creations and asked for them. They persuaded me to venture out into showing what I make to a wider audience and possibly even selling stuff! Who would have thought?

I started a facebook page just for my felts at the start of this year and was really suprised to have people I had never met before, telling me how much they liked my sculptures. I think it's a confidence thing, I mean friends and family have to say they like it, right? I have been amazed and flattered by comments, and have made some sales!

This is a venture into the big wide world outside of facebook, sharing my work and offering sculptures for sale. The website is brand new, as new as this blog.

(I have just been reminded that I have made no comment here about my "ROCK" who is always here supporting me and has set up the website for me- Thank you Hun! Happy Now?)

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2019년 3월 18일

I have loved watching your sculptures take shape. As you say, It's almost magical how raw wool can be transformed into an object of beauty. They are all fantastic - each with their own little personality!

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